Ferngully Sounds
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Here are some sounds that I have made myself. Some may not work though coz they are not uploaded yet!

The BattyRap. (Large file)

Humans? Where! No no no no see!

Human tales? Humans donít have tales.....(ect)

Lift! I need lift!.

Sonic interference I thought I saw a human....ARRRR human!!!!!

Puff up, puff up, they hate that.

I have but one claw, but beware!

Zac:Am I dead? Crysta:No! Batty:We can arrange that for you(etc)

Listen fairy, itís been weird but Iím outta here. This dream is history.

Lizard: Whats a human? Batty: Delicious and Nutritious, tastes just like chicken!.

Your going to love Ferngully.....

Me fly a human? Iíd rather suck waxfruit!

You are one bodatious babe!

Hey! Thats MY human!

Crysta: Isnít he amazing? Zac: Shouldnít we be charging admission for this?

Hmmm.Heís kinda small ainít he.

Batty: Arrrr! Iím blind....(Large file).

Remember, all the power of creation exists in one tiny seed.

Look for the hero inside yourself Crysta.....(ect)

Crysta: magi donít leave me. Magi: I love you, Iíll always be with you...(ect)

Hey Tone..theres a little man on the windshield!

Zac wants batty to take him back to the leveller.

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